Disneyland Paris 2013

The International Gathering of Scottish Highland Dance with Competition is now open for enquiries.

In November 2011 the first IGSHD at Disneyland Paris took place. Over 330 dancers aged 4 to 40+ from Scottish, Canadian and Russian dance schools, took to the stage and streets in Disneyland. Dancers, teachers, mums & dads, grannies & granddads and, anyone else who was there over the weekend had a magical time. The Gathering at Disneyland Paris was a fantastic success – everyone had fun in an informal and relaxed atmosphere. The event was a brilliant advert to the world – a global audience was able to get a strong sense of Highland Dance – the passion; the fun; the professionalism; the creativity; technical skill; the broad appeal. Some of the feedback from 2011 suggested the introduction of a competition, so for 2012 an optional competition was included and this will see the first IGSHD at Disneyland Paris winners crowned in a variety of dance categories with Mickey Mouse on hand to help. The competition is recognized by the SOBHD and run by Rhona Lawrence under Grampian Festivals.


“I have done many different things with my dancers all over the world, but last November was the best ever. We really enjoyed ourselves. Thank you to you and your team for making this opportunity possible. We will be back in a few years!!”

Wendy Wilson, Wendy Wilson School of Highland, Canada

” We took over twenty dancers to the Disneyland Paris event in 2011. All of our dancers had a fabulous time. Over the weekend, the focal point was Scottish Highland Dance and from the displays of the many dance schools from throughout the world to the parade through the park, every dancer was made to feel as though they were just as special as the many members of the Disney cast shows throughout the park. Disney is a global brand that is at the pinnacle of the entertainment industry and getting the opportunity to showcase Scottish Highland Dance with them was a real bonus for the dancers and Highland Dancing. As a teacher I was immensely proud of each and every dancer who took part in all activities over the weekend. It certainly was a dream come true for so many youngsters and a huge thank you goes to all who made this possible for the Highland Dancing Community” 

The Lacey Brown School of Dance, formerly The Stewart School in Alexandria, Scotland

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