Dancers Required

The SOBHD are undertaking a project to produce a library of DVDs to be used in the “mock judging” section of future SOBHD Judges Tests.

To allow the SOBHD to include international dancers, a filming session will take place in Dunoon on Tuesday 22nd August from 11am to 3pm approx.

Dancers must be Premier (not champions) or Intermediate standard. Novice dancers will be acceptable if they are of a reasonable height. Dancers should be between the age of 10 and 15 years.

Dancers must be be prepared to dance the following dances:

Highland Fling (6 steps); Sword Dance (2 slow & 1 quick; Seann Triubhas (3 slow & 1 quick); Strathspey & Highland Reel (2 and 2); Half Reel of Tulloch

If you wish to participate please email Please note that you must have your teacher’s permission to participate.

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