Christine Lacey MBE

Christine Lacey Chairman

Christine Lacey MBE Chairman

Christine was elected Chairman of the Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing in November of 2006. Christine is also a Fellow and Examiner of the B.A.T.D. as well as an International Adjudicator of the S.O.B.H.D.

Among Christine’s credits are six times World Highland Dancing Champion.

Although well renowned in the world of Highland Dancing, Christine has also achieved recognition in both Tap and Ballet. She has held the titles of British Senior Ballet Champion; Scottish Junior and Senior Ballet Champion; Scottish Junior and Senior Tap Champion. Collectively, in all three disciplines she has accumulated over 250 Championship Titles.

She is always in great demand lecturing, examining and adjudicating all over the world.

Christine was trained at the Stewart School of Dancing in Alexandria, Scotland and is still currently teaching there.

Christine’s teachers at The Stewart School of Dancing were Jessie Stewart-Haggarty MBE, Agnes Stewart and Nancy Haggarty-Gibbons.

Christine is most indebted to all three ladies for giving her the skills and the passion for Dance. She is happily married to Donald MacPhee who is also well known throughout the world for his bag-piping skills.